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The song “Not Even Tired” is by Justin McRoberts, who I’ve mentioned in my previous post. He has several songs that display so much emotion, meaning, and Truth! He says some things in the live version of the song that all Christians should hear. I have posted a link below to the live version. I hope that this post offers encouragement or inspiration to anyone who might need it! 🙂

Song: Not Even Tired
Artist: Justin McRoberts
Album: “Trust”

Circumstantial me, like a shaking weed
Blown about, pushed around

So it is again, on my face I land
Fallen down, crying out

Is there strength in me upon which my heart can call?
Is there anything at all?

Cause I’m not leaving
I’m not even tired yet
I’m still breathing
And I’m staying ‘till I can’t

In my strength I said
Until I was dead and gone that I would always stand
And weather every punch they land

Is there strength in me to fulfill these words?
And to stand although it hurts?

I have learned that this world will not change because of me
So I’ll be the change I long to see

To listen to “Not Even Tired”, please click the photo below…

Not Even Tired