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Sunday, an artist named Justin McRoberts came to my church, Grace Community. I had heard Justin sing back in 2005 when he came to Campbell. This spurred me to buy two of his albums, and over the years have collected all of them. He gave the message that morning, and spoke on compassion for the poor. He is a huge supporter of Compassion International, an organization that facilitates the sponsorship of children all over the world who are starving and living in terrible conditions.

One thing in particular, that Justin said, was that He refuses to believe that poverty is bigger than God, and resort to today’s widely accepted attitude of, “that’s just the way it is”. He also quoted Edmund Burke, saying “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” There is so much truth in that statement. This is preventable if people would just get up and move individually and together to make a difference, instead of thinking that God is calling someone else to help “that person”.

Later that night, my church put on a coffee house of sorts, called Houseblend. Justin spoke and put on a concert, it was very good. One specific song that he played really hit me on a different level than what he spoke on that morning. The song is called “Learning to Need You”. I had heard this song many times before, on Justin’s album, but God used it to make me realize where He has been, where He is, and where He needs to be in my life. God is truly teaching me, again and in a new light, what it is to need Him! And if that isn’t enough…just wait, there’s more! 🙂

Here are the lyrics and the video:

Song: Learning to Need You
Artist: Justin McRoberts
Albums: “Untitled EP” and “Live from Grove City”


I’ve forgotten
Just how sweet Your
Mercies are Lord


I’ve forgotten
Just how sweet Your mercies are Lord
Could You remind me
You’ve been faithful in my weakness
Father Your Love Overwhelms my soul
I’m learning to need You


I cry out Your name
I am in need of Your mercies, Jesus
Despite my pride and my shame
I’m learning to need You


Before Justin sang another familiar song, he prefaced it with an observation that he had made when writing the song. He asked the question, “does anyone find it at all odd, that Jesus’ resurrected body bared the wounds of His Crucifixion?” He went on to say that he believes that Christians need to stop acting like they “have it all together”, and be real with people in their brokenness. When Jesus asked Thomas to feel the wounds on His body, He knew that that’s what Thomas needed to make him believe that He truly was Jesus.

When we show the world that we’re still broken and need Jesus everyday, that’s when it will be authentic to them, that’s when they’ll respond to God using us as His lights in a dark and broken world. By us baring our brokenness and need for Him, and relinquishing control, we become closer to being whole in Christ! All this, of course, was Justin’s interpretation of John 20:19-31. I feel that it’s an amazing interpretation, and hold’s much Truth. The song he sang afterward is called “Haunted”. I think it’s a very emotional song about brokenness and God using our brokenness for His glory and our redemption in Him. I’ve posted the lyrics and audio below.

Song: Haunted
Artist: Justin McRoberts
Albums: “Intersections” and “Live from Grove City”

I thought I buried you deep; I buried you in my skin
And when the night’s at its darkest you come back to me again

I thought I’d leave you behind; I turned and I ran away
But in the silence between my steps your footsteps follow me

You come back to haunt me. You come back to make me feel alone
You come back to haunt me like the fear I can’t let go

I tried to gather the shards that you’d left scattered all over me
They’d broken off underneath the surface

But ghosts I see right through and I can see through you
So all you’ll ever do is be a shade I see tomorrow through

You haunt me. You come back to make me feel alone
But you’re only what breaks me so that someday I’ll be whole
You come back to haunt me

To listen to “Haunted”, please click the picture below…


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