So, you wanna know more…

My name is Andrew, as most of you know. My nickname is Nifty, hence the name of the blog. I was dubbed “Nifty” in 2006 during my first summer of SummerShine. This is my small space of thoughts, song lyrics, devotionals, and other random things that might catch my attention. Other versions of my nickname include, Nifters, Nifts, and EasNifts. If you’d like to know more, just ask me! :0)

Oh, and if you like to laugh, you should check out a YouTube group that i’m a part of, called the Atychiphobia Addicts!

here’s our first video, Cinnamon Challenge:

  1. Aaron says:

    hey wanted to say hi…followed your link on the gcw site – you mentioned agreeing with me, reciting your dismay over your apparent censorship on their site! 🙂 lucky you. just wanted to connect…What’s up?

    • Hey man! Just trying to shine some Light in a dark world and speak when I feel lead by the Holy Spirit to say something. It really bothers me when I see other professing brothers and sisters in Christ acting so blatantly in hatred instead of love. I know we’re not perfect and that’s the reason we all need Jesus. As Jesus Himself said, consider it a blessing when persecuted because of Him. So, I guess I can consider the censorship a sort of unspoken persecution, even if it is coming from a fellow brother or sister in Christ. Not that they wouldn’t use words if they hadn’t censored me, and just replied instead, like they should have. Thanks for connecting with me! Sorry it took so long for me to respond to you!

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