We Do What We Want

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Song Lyrics

On March 29, Emery released their highly anticipated 5th studio album, We Do What We Want. This new album was stated to be one of their heaviest yet, which worried me, after having heard the first song, The Cheval Glass, that they released to fans. I also was saddened to find out that Devin Shelton, the co-lead singer of Emery’s signature dueling vocals, had left the band and wasn’t to be featured on the album. After listening to it a few times, The Cheval Glass began to grow on me. I still anticipated the album’s release with excitement. I was very pleased when Emery released the album artwork for We Do What We Want. It is a genius piece of art, in relation to the album’s title! When asked during an interview why they chose the title “We Do What We Want”, Emery’s lead vocalist, Toby Morrell said, “It has a double meaning. We Do What We Want musically as a band and that’s that. But it also has to do with us and you as people and how we don’t listen to or for what we need. In the end, you and I want to be god of our worlds and that is scary.”

All in all, this is a very good album, and I was pleasantly surprised, considering that Devin isn’t on it. In my upcoming series of posts, I will be posting each song with corresponding lyrics, along with my interpretation of them. So, stay tuned! :0)

We Do What We Want

Here’s the full transcript of the interview with Toby, from AMP Magazine:

The band was said to have done some filming during the headlining tour last year. Is that footage going to be released in the near future?

We actually used the footage for our video for the song “The Butcher’s Mouth”. There is some extra footage that we might use in the future, but we don’t have anything set in stone.

It was just announced that Devin Shelton is going on an indefinite hiatus from the band. What brought along this decision and how will it affect the band?

Devin thought it was time for him to focus more on his family for a while. There is a great chance that we will work with Devin in the future on another project, or more than likely on our next record later this year that will be entirely acoustic.

What’s the band’s upcoming touring schedule? How is it going to be affected by Shelton’s absence?

We are going out on the We Do What We Want Tour all of March, and then we are headed to Australia at the end of April, so all you fans come check us out. Since Devin is gone, we are going to have to do all HOOBASTANK covers, but other than that, no difference.

For your new record, where and with whom did you record?

Matt Carter, our guitarist, produced the entire thing. He is the third best producer on earth now, so book with him while you can.

What was the overall studio experience? How did the members get along during these sessions?

Actually, we have been doing this so long that it came naturally. Without Devin, Matt and I wrote the entire record. We are more excited than we have been in a long time because we went way heavier, but maintained everything that is EMERY.

What is the future of the band with Shelton gone? Is this going to be the last EMERY record?

This is definitely not the last Emery record. We will be doing this forever. I want to be in the mosh pit when I’m 75.

As far as the album itself goes, why the title We Do What We Want?

It has a double meaning. We Do What We Want musically as a band and that’s that. But it also has to do with us and you as people and how we don’t listen to or for what we need. In the end, you and I want to be god of our worlds and that is scary.

These new songs seem more energetic and forward than the last few releases. Was this a conscious effort?

Yeah, we wanted to bring the noise. We wanted to punch you in the face and then tickle your ears with some sweet southern soul.

Lyrically, what kind of thoughts or themes are expressed this time around?

We constantly try to escape God. We want our identity to be our own, but ultimately find something that is unfulfilling and brings us to self and being more alone.

Looking back at the band’s history, which album would you cite as your favorite and why? How does it compare to this new disc?

I still love In Shallow Seas because it was Devin’s last record so far, and it was us just being us. It captures who we were at the moment. But honestly, I love every record. They are my life’s work.

There are a couple moments on this new record where it sounds like the band tried doing something in the background more…folksy with strings and orchestral elements. How did these parts come to be?

The answer is that we usually start a song with an idea, and it feels like after that the song kinda tells us what it wants and we try to satisfy that. Also, we kinda wanted to just be adventurous. Also, we do what we want…

Which song off this new collection is your favorite and why?

My favorite is track 9, “I Never Got To See The West Coast” because it is the saddest song we’ve done
I think.

Which track will probably become a new show opener? Show closer?

No set list yet, but I think good album openers are usually good set openers. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we open with “The Cheval Glass”. The closer is usually an oldie. “Studying Politics”? “As Your Voice Fades”?

What can fans expect next from EMERY?

Since we do what we want, there is no way to know what to expect next. Irish folk music….hip hop, perhaps?

Any last words you’d like to share to pump up fans for the new album?

If you are already a fan of EMERY, then I think you will really like what we’re giving you on this one. We tried to take steps to do what EMERY is and does best, and not just become a watered-down “rock” version of what we were. We are still developing and excited to be making our genre of music, whatever you like to call it.

Emery - We Do What We Want

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