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We All Need LOVE!

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized


Tonight I find it hard to sleep, each sound and squeak I hear keeps me staring at the ceiling. Oh, it’s dark as night outside and I can’t stand the quiet that it brings me. And I’ve got too much on my mind, I think it’s time to take a drive and leave it all behind. I’ve got a song that’s halfway there I think it needs the ocean air I’m going to grab my guitar and get in my car.

Oh, I need some understanding. I need a little love. Gonna speed down to the ocean side in a race with the stars above.

With my guitar in hand and toes touching the sand I can see the sun is coming. Colors fill and crack the sky with purple, silver, and golden light drawing the day from night. On the shoreline a Fisherman with bait on his line and a rod in his hand is ready to greet the day. He turns around to notice me and the two of us are patiently waiting for the sun’s rays.

Oh, I just need some understanding and a little love. And somehow I am thinking now I could get what I’ve been dreaming of. But this Fisherman is closing in, I think He could be crazy.

He says,

“Won’t you ride with me, oh, I could use the company. I’ve got a fish to catch and you have got a song to sing.”

His eyes were anchors as the boat would sway, “What would you like to say? You have my attention.”

“I see you came out here to write your song, but you don’t have too long, so show me what you’re working with. I’d like to give you a little something and you may think it’s nothing on first listen, in the time it takes for you to make love, you could break love, waste love, and throw it all away. But all you need is faith and hope will bring a brighter day. And every time that you love, let it lift someone else up. If somebody tries to burn you, give him your hand in turn and pick him up when he’s all alone. Now if you find yourself getting frustrated try not to get too jaded or you could go ‘insane’ like me.”

“I tell you man you must be crazy. Or am I always lazy when it comes to love? With every failure and turning tide I toss the boomerang but ah, it never comes back to me. So have some faith you say and hope will find it’s way? Well, I doubt what you’re sure of when. And it seems to me the greatest of these is Love…but it’s so hard to love.

Well, we were sitting on his boat our backs to each other He was giving me a little time. And all that He said was hurting my head wondering how to leave the selfishness behind all that I could say is:

“It’s so hard to love…the way that you want me to.”

(Instrumental break)

I stepped off the boat and thanked the Man, not sure what I was thankful for. When I turned back around to see Him again, He was already gone. Walking back from the water to my guitar, that’s when the light came on. I knew what He was talking about, I knew how to finish my song.

Oh I just need some understanding, I need a little Love. And I want to sing my song to somebody who doubts what they’re made of. Oh, we all need some understanding, we all need Love!

We all need Love!