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This past Saturday was a tons of fun! Me, Kevin, Anna, Elytte, and Chris went to Rhett & Link’s premiere screening of their movie, “Looking for Ms. Locklear“.

Back in 2006 Rhett and Link embarked on a journey to find their 1st grade teacher, Ms. Locklear, who had brought them together over 20 years ago. They had been caught writing profanity on their desks, and Ms. Locklear held them in from recess, making them color instead. This began a life-long friendship that still exists today. You can see Rhett and Link featured in my previous blog post entitled, “Men Who Can’t Pee: A Failed Commercial“, among many other videos that they have created over the years.

After the movie, Rhett and Link invited us to the lobby of the Hampton Inn where they were gonna be hangin’ out with the friends who traveled far distances to see the premiere. As requests came, R&L gave a musical performance of many of their fan-favorite songs. The after party ended and we arrived home shortly after 3am. We had a blast! :0)

“Looking for Ms. Locklear” by Rhett & Link


This is one of the most hilarious Rhett & Link videos that I’ve seen! You should watch it once, twice, go pee, and then watch it a third time…then share it with all your friends who would like a laugh! :0)